Peer-Reviewed Publications

Under Review

  • Parameswaran, G., Sekeres, G., and Goldblatt, H. “The Politics of the Slippery Slope.” R & R at the Journal of Politics.

  • Sekeres, G., Miller, T., Mariano, E., Glance, L., and Sun, E. “Correlation Between Anesthesia Group Size and Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) Scores.” R & R at Anesthesiology.

Working Papers

Abstract: I present a new model of plea bargaining before criminal trials. Two specific modifications are made from the canonical models (Bebchuk (1984) and Reinganum (1988)) – I assume that the defendant’s inherent guilt is immaterial to the trial outcome, instead relying only on the evidence available to be presented, and I assume that the prosecutor knows the true value of the evidence while the defendant knows only the bounds. I find that the decisions in equilibrium rely mainly on the maximum possible evidence the prosecutor could have, rather than the evidence they actually have. This result implies that plea bargains do not effectively sort innocent and guilty defendants.

Currently Thinking About

  • Cross-time Empirical Revealed Preferences: This is very much in the conception stage, but I think there’s something to the idea of implied continuity of preferences over time (i.e., continuously changing preferences derived from discrete observations of preferences). I’m doing PhD apps this semester, though, so this is on the back burner.

  • Networks of information sharing re: medical knowledge over time – how fast does is spread, where does it go, when do independent discoveries become merged. Thinking about this with Marissa Hindelang