My name is Gabe Sekeres, I’m an incoming PhD student in Economics at Cornell University!

I’m interested in microeconomic theory, and am currently working on an applied theory project which models the criminal plea bargaining process while incorporating recent qualitative law research, and a science of science project on innovation-replication tradeoffs, with Nic Fishman. On the back burner, I think there’s something very interesting in computational constraints in game theory, and how they connect with theories of obvious dominance.

More generally, I’ve been thinking about causal inference and machine learning a lot recently, and am looking for opportunities to combine my experience in micro theory with modern, especially game theoretic, research in econometrics and computer science.

I graduated from Haverford College in 2022, where I majored in Economics and Mathematics. My senior thesis was The Effects of Communication on a Middle Equilibrium in Prisoner’s Dilemma. After that, I was a Predoctoral Research Fellow at SIEPR where I worked with Professor Laurence Baker and Professor Eric Sun on Health Economics.

I’m always happy to chat about research, or anything else. In my free time, I love watching boring movies and reading dense novels. You can reach me at my email or on twitter.